Romantic Getaway

I often wondered what Jane Austen meant when she wrote, “completely and perfectly incandescently happy” in her book Pride and Prejudice? Taking it in it’s context, was it the success of finding the perfect partner and living near perfect lives that qualifies one for this kind of implausible happiness and unconditional love? If so, then what about us lesser beings, who do not have a Mr Darcy in our lives to rescue us from our everyday mundane tragedy?

What I feel is that, most people do not understand what real romance is.  Just about anyone can buy you flowers, gifts, chocolates, jewellery etc. However, the truly romantic things in life are those little gestures that you do every-day that often go unnoticed.

So on that note here are a few romantic date ideas that you can experience at OurGuest Camp Lachung without burning a hole in your pocket:

1. Stargaze –
Sitting in the dark and admiring the constellations can be a great experience to bond with your beau and learn a little about the cosmos and something much bigger than ourselves. After all a certain darkness is required to see the stars.

2. Bonfire –
A cozy campsite bonfire tops the list of all romantic activities that one could experience at Camp Lachung. Spend your evenings besides the glow of a warm firemaking s’mores -roasting marshmallows on sticks, playing songs on the guitar and drinking some warm millet beer or Tongba.

3. Movie Night –
At Camp Lachung you have the option of watching movies on a huge projector screen with pre ordered snacks and beverages. Watch romantic comedies, dramas, local documentaries or whatever your favourite genre is, in a totally new and unique environment. We promise you, it will be an experience you won’t forget easily.

4. Local Wine Tasting –
Try out our in house special Blueberry wine made by Mr Wangchuk Lachung, co-partner of OurGuest Camp Lachung. The wine is brewed and bottled at home by him and made with organic wild blueberries. The wine is not yet sold commercially and hence it would be your only chance to try something which is straight from the producer.

5. No Electricity Night –
Since you are in an environment which is far from the modern comforts of everyday life, why not experience something which is a way of life for most people in the remote hilly interiors? Try going electricity free for just one night! Dine by candlelight, warm yourself by the fire, listen to the sound of fireflies and use rubber hot water bags to bed instead of electric heaters to warm yourselves in the tent.

6. Romantic Village Walk and Picnic –
You can go for a romantic guided walk around the village of Lachung with its scenic mountain views, verdant hills and numerous nameless waterfalls and streams. End the walk with a beautiful picnic lunch beside a perennial stream next to a few Chuthas (Tibetan water wheel)
Keeping all that in mind, one should understand that respect is the bedrock of all lasting love. There are many ways in which one can express their love for their partner. However, being the best version of yourself is the best romantic experience that you can gift your partner.

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