General questions

Our tents are comfortable spacious ‘Swiss Tents’ with attach bathrooms and western style commodes. Each tent is an individual room of 168 sq. ft. carpet area.

All bathrooms have Geysers and provide hot water on Tap.

The property is located in a residential area of Lower Lachung with very few commercial properties. The owners and caretakers live on site and safety is ensured.

Yes, we include breakfast and Dinner in your room tariff to make it convenient for guests, as Lachung does not have running restaurants. We also have a small limited snack menu for those looking to grab a small bite.

Lachung is located at 9000 ft. and enjoys a pristine Alpine ecosystem. The largest animal here is a the black bear who is not known to stray into human habitation. The summer months will have a few friendly spiders or insects completely harmless whom the team will be happy to.

Tent is as warm as the normal hotel rooms. The material used has good insulation properties and hence captures heat making the tent warmer than the outside environment. We also provide complimentary heater making it warm and cozy inside.

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